DIY Alphabet Garland

DIY Alphabet Garland

How to make an alphabet garland for your classroom

I love having my students create most of the decor for my classroom.  However, I don’t love the idea of them walking into a room that looks like it could really use some love.  Now you can purchase some super cute garlands, I mean check out this one. Absolutely swoon worthy!

It is an excellent value for gorgeous craftsmanship- but it doesn’t fit in my classroom budget this year. I’m spending my budget on consumables that can be sent home in an emergency distance learning package. I’m putting it on my Christmas list. If it fits in your budget- snap it up! And how cute would it be in a playroom or nursery?

So instead, I’m making an easy alphabet garland on a budget-And you don’t need any fancy equipment! No Glowforge, Cricut or Silhouette machine is required!

What you need to DIY an easy alphabet garland

DIY supplies needed for an alphabet garland. Scissors, Glue, Needle and Floss, Card Stock and Wooden Letters
I bet you have most of this at home!

Card stock in your favourite colours I used 4 sheets 8.5 x11. (I buy mine at Michaels when it is on sale- plus they always give a teacher’s discount if you show your OCT card!)

Card Stock from Michaels Craft Superstore.  Architecture Colour way package.
This set has such beautiful neutral colours!

Wooden alphabet letters (I bought mine for just $3.00 at Dollarama and it has 5 full sets which I will definitely throughout the year in my classroom)

Inexpensive wooden letters from Dollarama.
Aren’t these lovely? And such a great deal!

A skein of Embroidery floss (whatever colour makes you happy- I generally try to make it coordinate with the garland or the wall it will be hanging on it.

A sewing needle ( make sure the eye of the needle is big enough you can thread your embroidery floss through)


Scissors, embroidery floss, needle.

Glue (regular white school glue will do, glue gun is better and faster!). My glue gun is awesome but has done so many projects with me it is no longer photo appropriate.

How to DIY

Cut your card stock sheets in half hot dog style!

Cut paper hot dog style.

Trim off a small triangle- I freehand this. Then I cut triangles like this. I end up with 10 good triangles from each sheet of cardstock and 4 wonky ones from the ends.  The wonky ones go into my card stock scrap pile for my students to use at the maker centre.

How I cut the triangles for a banner or garland.

I arrange my triangles into a happy pattern.

Neutral Card stock triangles
This pattern sparks joy! Where are my Marie Kondo fans at?

Then I thread my needle onto the embroidery thread. And I start sewing. I go down on the left corner, and come back up on the right corner so the thread runs along the back.

How to sew an alphabet garland or banner for Kindergarten, Nursery or Playroom Decor. Part 1
How to sew an alphabet garland or banner for Kindergarten, Nursery or Playroom Decor. Part 2
In on one side- out on the other!

I follow my pattern and stop when I have enough strung on. For today’s garland I wanted 26 triangles.

Sewing process for DIY alphabet garland.
Sew them on!

If you have a cat, you might want them to leave the room before the stringing gets too far or you may end up in this situation:

Naughty, playful, super loved cat that is not helping me sew the garland, but is attacking it!
The cat is NOT helping.

Once they were strung together and I untangled the cat, I started gluing on letters!

Close up view of alphabet garland, bunting or banner for Kindergarten classroom.

And voila! A colour co-ordinated, calm, cute and affordable garland.

Finished picture of DIY garland, bunting, or banner.

So fast and easy.  Start to finish it took me about 30 minutes but I was also parenting my kids at the time so you might be faster.  And the cat was helping me.   I make garlands for almost every event and they totally bring a happy feel to a room.

These would also be adorable in a nursery or playroom (hung way up out of the way of tiny grabby baby hands!) Hope it brings joy to your classroom as it will in mine.

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